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  1. Jan 13,  · Vinyl does sound different of cd of course, not better, different. Vinyl is warmer due to a lot of default, which are pleasure to our ears. (Except clicks) The only thing where the cd is superior is in the dynamic range which is almost about 60db from all studio records because of the common noisefloor of a normal room (about 30db).
  2. Nov 15,  · My current equipment chain: ortofon nightclub e --> Technics --> Rane 56 --> Apogee Duet --> Macbook Pro I've noticed that with certain records - especially "louder" ones such as 7" or DJ 12"s - I'm getting audible distortion on both 1) high trebles (like a fuzzy edged distortion on someone's singing) or 2) on kick bass hits (which is more like a straight buzz).
  3. Noise Distortion (Type 2) Noise is any addition of non specific, unrelated, and often broad spectrum frequencies, e.g., electrical noise, tape hiss, vinyl surface noise. Sometimes it is frequency specific in the form of 60 or 50 cycle hum and its harmonics.
  4. May 16,  · Hi everyone,My first post, thanks in advance for reading:I've inherited a turntable which is aimed at DJ's, but I'd like to use it for semi-critical listening of my LP's. (My system is surely light-years away from achieving a quality listen).The table is a Numark TTX1 and the cartridge is a Stanton FS MP4 Cartridge (Spherical).

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